Subject 12: Deep Emotional-Care


Subject 12: Deep Emotional-Care

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Everyone has triggers and experiences various levels of emotional stress. There are so many things that can trigger our emotions to the point of them becoming unbalanced, unfamiliar, and difficult to navigate through. At these times we can, as a result, end up feeling less like ourselves, stuck, lost, disempowered, disoriented, and even depressed. Stress and anxiety can leave us feeling disconnected, depleted, fatigued, and even cause illness.

From nurturing yourself, navigating towards balance and healing, knowing what to do, how, and when, during heavy emotional times, and regaining your fire, zeal, creativity, connectedness, passion, and joy for life, is the focus.



Deep Emotional


Class 12

In this class, we journey into supportive remedies and pathways for relieving the emotional-body during times of stress, anxiety, grief, sadness, anger, mental fatigue and tension, and disconnect.

Take all the time you need, until you feel like you again.

Much love and emotional-care to you!

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Deep Emotional-Care:


  1. Process: Taking time to heal and process so that the pain isn’t the loudest voice within. 

  2. Slow-Living: Slow living through the process is super supportive. Be ok with saying no, doing less, staying in more, getting still, going within, and connecting with your life in a new more meaningful and digestible way. Slow down to do more of what makes you feel like you again and whole again. Slow and steady! 

  3. Don’t Rush The Process: Like you would with a physical injury, emotional trauma is best healed when dealt the same. Don’t rush your healing. Let it take all the time it needs to.

  4. Take Time Away In Solace. Go to the (metaphorical) desert or mountains.Get quiet and alone, to hear yourself more clearly. We’re influenced to treat alone time as a bad thing. Getting alone with ourselves, our process, and with the divine, is how we hear and become more open to higher guidance. Listen to the pain and its guidance.

  5. Inner-Voice: So much of where we look to for healing is outward. What happens when we truly turn our compass inward? Well, we become informed and even transformed by it. We begin to move through life more connected, more rooted, and more grounded, in ourselves and in the world.

  6. Get It Out of Your Mind and Body: Let it out. Release it through journaling, writing, free-writing, free-recording, or physical movement.

  7. Put Your Pain Into Physical Form: Exercise and physical movement break up stagnant energy in the body and help to remove lower energies in the body; through sweat, deep breathing, and removal of toxins (via sweat). Move it out. Sweat it out.

  8. The Nervous System The NS is our primary connection to this world and beyond it. It’s what connects our mind, body, and spirit. The NS has 3 main functions: to receive, interpret, and to respond. When cultivated and listen to, it can become your own personal teacher, guru, and healer. Don’t neglect or ignore it. Stay in tuned and it will make sure you thrive ;)

  9. Healing Foods: Eat foods that support the nervous system. The wrong foods decrease NS function and throw it off balance, such as sugars, caffeine, chemicals, preservatives, artificial colors, and so on. It thrives on dark leafy greens, healthy proteins, healthy fats, root foods, and calming herbs. YUM!

  10. Herbs For Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Mental tension and Fortification: Hawthorne, Lemon Balm, Kava, Valerian, Chamomile, Lavender, Rosemary, Cinnamon, amongst many other great ones. These are the staples. These herbs can be used fresh and organic in your foods and recipes, in organic oils form, for aromatherapy, and as tinctures, teas, and tonics.

  11. Plant Medicine Can Be Used In: Herbal teas, Flower Essences, Aromatherapy, Tinctures, Tonics, and baths.

  12. Adaptogens: Support for the NS and brain. Some of the adaptogens that the NS loves are Ashwagandha, Reishi, Lion’s Mane, and Gota Kola.

  13. Aromatherapy – use diffusers, massage onto hands, body and pressure points, inhale, place drops on pillows and bedding, mix into bath soaps, and carrier oils. Organic oils are always best, as to be pure and free of any nervous system stimulants and chemicals in them. Carrier oils I love and work with are shea nut oil and almond oil.

  14. Working With The Elements: The elements comfort the NS. 

    1. Air – redirection, realizing a better direction to go in, breathwork, deep full breaths, breath is life, calming breaths, breathing out in nature. Peppermint, Rosemary, and/or Eucalyptus oil for deeper breaths that are healing, soothing, centering, and calming.

    2. Water – drinking clean living water such as spring water or alkaline water, drinking teas, having tonic, taking baths, doing water blessings, going to the ocean and beach, the sound of rain and ocean waves, being out near unpolluted flowing bodies of water such as rivers, streams, waterfalls, springs, and the ocean.

    3. Fire candles, fireplace, symbolic burning of what no doesn’t serves you, living a passionate life, purification by fire/alchemy, the sound of fire, heat and warmth, warm tea, warm foods, spicy herbs and foods, warm blankets, heating pads. Cinnamon oil for wellness, mood enhancing, and purification affects.

    4. Earth – healing foods, plant medicine, spending time in nature, grounding, earthing. Some of the oils for grounding and feeling connected to earth and your current location are Vetiver, Sandalwood, Frankincense, Myrrh, Angelica, and Lavender.

  15. Supplements – Vitamin B12, Vitamin B complex and D12 helps to restore emotional balance. 

  16. Adrenal Fatigue – Supportive tinctures blends to work with: ‘Adrenal Support’, ‘Adrenal Strength’. Sold online or at natural markets.

  17. Medical Check up for Chronic NS Blues – Check for proper functioning of thyroid, adrenals, insulin, digestive, and hormonal imbalance

  18. Cut Out Stimulants – Stimulants spike cortisol levels, which activates your stress response, which sends the NS and hormonal system off balance. Artificial sugars, refined sugars, alcohol, street drugs, preservatives, and pesticides, are among many other NS and mood disrupting stimulants.

  19. Hydrotherapy/Baths – Epsom salt, essential oils, and candles. Oils to work with Lavender, Rosemary, Hops, Rose, and Eucalyptus, are great all around staples.

  20. Sound Therapy : Energy Cleanse playlist on Spotify, soothing and calming music, high vibrational music, and your favorite music from your childhood.

  21. Spiritual Connection – Stay aligned and fortified spiritually. This allows you to stay anchored to a Higher Power that will not allow you to get lost in the storms and waves of life, and pain. Daily spiritual-work in the early mornings is a powerful way to connect, ground into your power, and fortify. Check in with yourself and The Divine for a spirit re-up midday and in the evenings as well. ;)



What It Takes:


  • Honoring the process

  • Taking your time

  • Loving yourself through it

  • Listening to your inner-voice

  • Supporting your nervous system through the many ways shared in class

  • Anchoring to a Higher Power


Class Quotables:


We all have access to The Divine and higher wisdom. Our Inner-voice is a way. Take time to listen and hear what it has to teach you.

The answers may not come in the way you expect. Be open to what the voice will use to communicate and speak to you.

This world is set up to distract us, even in our healing. Taking time away to clear the distractions and heal.

Connect to a Higher power and source. It will sustain you.





  1. In times of emotional pain are you connected to your inner-voice? Are you tuning it out? Are you allowing it to guide you?

  2. How will you commit to spending more time on emotional-care? What can you begin to implement more of?

  3. What brings you back to feeling like yourself?

  4. Repeat: I am one with my mind, body, spirit, and higher guidance. I support and honor what my mind, body, and nervous system ask for in order to heal, thrive, and vibrate higher daily.




A Song To Vibe To:

Disorder by RKCB

This song is a vibe. RKCB takes us on a beautiful melodic journey through deep emotional process that we can all most likely relate to.



Thanks for watching Class!

Sending You love and warm thoughts.